About the Journal

Purposes and Policies
Concerning the importance of behavioral and psychological issues in organizational success and the unique importance of human factors, journal of Psychological Research and Management seeks to promote the status of behavioral sciences research in Management through publishing  articles on cognition of human psyche and behavior in organizational context . By getting a better understanding of human psyche (known as black box), effective plans can be designed to improve organizational performance. Release of research results in this scientific journal will increase the theoretical and applied knowledge of those interested in behavioral sciences and management as well as organizational officials.
In a 20-year vision plan determined for this journal, it will become a leading citing source for scientific research papers in psychological and behavioral areas of management.
Priority topics and areas for journal include:
-    Psychological capital of organization and identification of effective and relevant factors
-    Psychological empowerment of human resources in organization
-    Emotional capital in organization and identification of effective and relevant factors
-    Emotional capital and the related challenges in virtual organizations
-    The role of emotional skills and positive affect on reduction of interpersonal conflicts among employees
-    The role of training problem-solving on reduction of interpersonal conflicts among employees
-    Human resource resilience in organization
-    Employee well-being
-    Employee self-efficacy and self-confidence
-    Examining the relationship between family atmosphere, marital satisfaction and job satisfaction
-    health and mental health of employees
-    Psychological pathology of organizations and virtual teams
-    Organizational happiness
-    Identifying the psychological needs of employees
-    Identifying causes of mental disorders in the context of organization
-    Identifying causes of reduced positive moods in organizations
-    The impact of obsessive-compulsive disorder on employee performance
-    The impact of depression and social anxiety on employee performance
-    Hope, optimism and positive outlook of employees
-    The impact of religious identity on mental health of employees
-    Religious orientation of employees

Paper acceptance criteria
Psychological Research and Management Journal accepts articles that result from original research activity, are not previously published in other journals or conference paper collections, and comply with subject matter of the journal (psychological-behavioral issues in the science of Management and organization). They  must clearly focus on one or some aspects of psychological or behavioral topics in the context of organization. Articles that deal with developing a theory, data analysis or a case study will be accepted. Review articles are accepted under specific conditions. All articles must contribute to knowledge acquisition; it is particularly recommended that certain achievements are included in conclusion. Priority is given to articles that explore such issues as psychological capital, psychological empowerment, and examining the psychological impact of working conditions and managers behavior on employee behavior. Further, we would welcome articles that seek to analyze and understand the phenomenon of man in organization based on Islamic views and sources.
Ethical principles
-    Articles must not have been published elsewhere previously .
-    Articles must not have been submitted simultaneously to two or more journals.
-    Articles must be the original work of the author(s).

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