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Current Issue:year3، number1،spring and summer، 1396،page1-195
Investigating the role of the psychological capital in creating the vigor of the Basij members (The case: Cultural units of Islamic Guidance of Ilam Province)
page  9 -  37
Nahid Alizadeh ، Mohamad Taban ، Ali Gholipour Soleimani ،
Identification of the constituent components of managerial competencies with emphasis on postmodern change management (The case: Ministry of Cooperatives, Labor and Social Welfare)
page  27 -  78
Mastaneh Ghonji ، Mohammad Chizari ، Hassan Sedighi ، Ali Rabiee ،
The role of social capital dimensions in effective factors on organizational creativity with emphasis on organizational commitment
page  79 -  107
Hassan Rangrez ، Mikael Pashaabadi ، Mehdi Attae ،
Explaining behavior based on free will: Islamic approach
page  108 -  132
Ali Naghi Amiri ،
The impact of competitive intelligence on organizational wisdom (The case: Metal Industries of Kaveh Industrial City)
page  141 -  166
Ahmad Attarnia ، Behzad Shoghi ، Amir Navidi ،
Identifying solutions to preventing organizational silence from a perspective of nahj Al- Balagha teachings
page  167 -  195
Behrooz Rezaeemanesh ، Alireza Mohammadi ، Arshia Khodaei ،
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